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Once installation is done (the very basic installation) and computer rebooted or from start menu application has been started, you will notice the following element in the notification area:


Please note the little green world with a link on it (It has link because idea of the application is to change links and unlink them from the normal world)


If you either double click or right click and chose Configure, you will get to the following domain setup dialog.
Please note, a default domain is there, just to show how things work normally.



Once you are done here too, then you will start to see more menu items in the right click list as follows:


As you can see from here, you can setup more than 1 option for any domain.


And once you’ve changed the live setup by using the application, you will see a little difference in the domain view which is as follows (a little disconnection icon on the left side of the domain)



Important notes:

  1. Each web browser acts differently and currently this application does not clean the DNS cache of the web browsers
  2. To get the best results, I suggest you doing the following
    1. On any browser to see results you will need to
      1. Ctrl+F5 to the domain you work
      2. Close the browser (not only the tab, really browser because it caches it)
      3. Once opened do once more Ctrl+F5
      4. And on some browsers it is even beyond it just like Chrome (my favorite), because that it is what it makes fast so you will have to disable DNS caching
    2. Dedicate 1 browser for live and don’t close and don’t Crtl+F5 to clean it’s data
    3. Prefer IE for those things or Firefox
      1. Trust me you may want to keep Chrome as is because this is how you like it
      2. And Chrome can be your comparison tool to see how it looks on live while you are seeing your local
  3. Even Chrome after some time, will see your changes in hosts file and start locking itself to local even though you’ve changed to live. (For some time only, I think it is 30 minutes)


Let me know if you need any help.



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